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Women's all mountain ski boots Shadow 85 MV White
Kč 9.590,00
Women's all mountain ski boots Shadow 85 MV White
Women's all mountain ski boots Shadow 85 MV White
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Women's all mountain ski boots Shadow 85 MV White
Women's all mountain ski boots Shadow 85 MV White

Women's all mountain ski boots Shadow 85 MV White

Kč 9.590,00

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More power and more control with less energy. The women's Lange Shadow 85 MV ski boots bring a new level of power transfer, vibration absorption and comfort to all-mountain skiing. Our Assisted Performance System amplifies your input to the boot through the mechanical advantage of our Dual Pivot and Suspension Blade technology. The design boosts input by up to 26%, giving you more power and control with less energy. The boot's clean, consistent flex is combined with increased shock absorption through the shell for enhanced snow feel and contact. Like a full suspension bike, the combination lets you ski longer and more efficiently. Together with a moderate 85-rated flex, this boot gives beginner and intermediate skiers a strong platform to keep their ski progression moving forward. The women's-specific shell and our 100mm-wide, medium-volume last complement the thermoformable liner to offer all-day comfort.

Boosted Power Transfer
Our Assisted Performance System amplifies your input into the boot through the mechanical advantage of our Dual Pivot and Suspension Blade technology for increased power transfer to the ski. The system boosts input up to 26%, giving you more power with less energy.

Full Boot Engagement
Our Dual Pivot design creates a mechanical advantage for full boot engagement with less skier input, creating more power and control with less effort.

Amplified Power
Our Suspension Blade design connects the upper boot with the lower boot for smooth power absorption and transfer through the boot, putting more energy into your skiing.

Balance, Comfort and Performance
Our women's-specific cuff is shorter and shaped to match a woman's natural calf shape for a more natural stance with increased comfort and performance.

Consistent Fit and Comfort
A one-piece liner with an asymmetrical toe box creates a uniform, pressure-free fit from the toe box to the cuff for the most comfortable fit possible.

All-Terrain Grip
Pre-mounted GripWalk® soles feature a rubber tread and rockered toe for a more natural walking motion and increased traction.
SKU: LBM2260000
Skiboots Additional Functions Canting New Shadow canting - adaptability to the skier's morphology
Skiboots Additional Functions Spoiler New internal spoiler - clean consistent fit through out the liner
Skiboots Buckles Adjustment Micrometric adjustment of 7 mm
Skiboots Buckles Material Ultra light aluminium.
Skiboots Cuff Material Polyurethane - more power and elasticity
Skiboots Cuff Specifications Easy-entry - more comfortable entry and exit Flex Adjust - Change the level of your level by 10%
Skiboots Flex Index 85
Skiboots Last 100
Skiboots Liner Powerstrap Width 40mm
Skiboots Liner Technology Liner Name One piece padding - clean and consistent fit
Skiboots Liner Additional Features Asymetrical one piece toe box - PE / EVA / Polyester - Comfort footbed
Skiboots Liner Additional Functions Pre-machined contouring for precise fit of foot`anatomy
Skiboots Liner Thermal Insulation Core Custom 3 - Better level of personalization
Skiboots Liner Tongue Shin Control - enhance comfort and control
Skiboots Shell Bootboard Ultra light boot board - shock absorption and warmth
Skiboots Shell Material Polyurethane - more power and elasticity
Skiboots Shell Specifications Women's specific cuff & shell/ New performance assisted sytem - Dual Pivot & Suspension Blade/ New snow seal - keeps snow and wind out for drier and warmer boots
Skiboots Shell Technology Dual Core - enhance elastic tension to deliver explosive rebound
Skiboots Soles Properties Gripwalk - safety and support
NEW ONE PIECE LINER This new liner one piece will give you more comfortability. The padding is one piece, no break from the lower ankle up and no break in fit from lowerfoot to upper, it's all one piece. This gives you clean and conisstent fit. The fit anatomy follow the foot.
WOMEN SPECIFICITIES Women's specific cuff & shell. The cuff and the shell are adapted to women shape with lower medial and lateral sides and a short upper cuff (-14mm). The Tulip shaped opening better envelops the female calf and improves comfort, support and power transmission.
ASSISTED PERFORMANCE SYSTEM Shadow is the first skiboot with an assisted performance & suspension system. This system, combined by two innovations: dual pivot and suspension blade, allow you to get more out into you putt in, it's an assisted efficiency. It's about transfer the power with less effort. We obtain 26% of rebound in more, using less human energy and phycical abilities.
ADJUSTABLE PERFORMANCE - FLEX ADJUST By putting two elastomers on the two pivot points: below the leverage point and in the top of suspension blade, you have 4 different option of stiffness. You can really personnalize and adjust your skiing. If you prefer to be more solid on the bottom, you can put a stiffer elastomere on the dual pivot, and if you prefer softer on the top you go soft, or do the opposite. You can really play with your performance level.
SUSPENSION BLADE The suspension blade is an external blade, and the upper cuff comes in between. With this new innovation, we have an excellent and smooth connection between upper and lower, to move together. That get you more absorption and suspension but also more power energy into your skiing. The upper elastomere adjust the flex feel upper part of the turn and also the snap and rebound.
DUAL PIVOT On traditional boots on the market, you have a pivot point and two fix points very concentrated to each other. With the new shadow, you putt those fix points very far away from eachother, so create mechanical advantage, you emplify the energy in power. You will also engage the full length of the boot, instead of concentrated part.
SHIN CONTROL Our unique women-specific SHIN CONTROL liner offers maximum comfort while maintaining the required precision and responsiveness for optimum ski control. The anatomical asymmetric tongue distributes shin pressure as you flex into the boot, dispersing it over a larger area for enhanced comfort and more control.